Where & when can I get the Vaccine?

Access to the Vaccine is being handled by each individual State with emphasis on the most essential first (Health Care Workers, First Responders, Elderly). Check out the State-by-State guide to search for your State.


Will the Vaccine be covered?

Yes! Like all Vaccines, the cost will be covered by the Fund Office and you should have no out-of-pocket costs. Even if someone isn’t eligible for coverage, the government has programs in place to cover the cost of the vaccine.

What if I get charged for the shot?

You should not. The shot itself is covered by tax payer dollars and Independence Administrators will cover the cost of the administration fee for those eligible for benefits. For someone who isn’t eligible, the government will cover the whole cost. If somehow someone is charged for the shot, they should submit the claim to Independence Administrators or to the Fund Office to get reimbursed.

Where can I find more information?

Below are helpful links to learn more about the Vaccine.

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