Voluntary Dental Program

You may or may not wish to participate in the voluntary dental program. It is not administered by the Health Fund, nor is the Fund responsible for the services this program provides. All administration and payments for this benefit, including the enrollment process, are transacted directly between the member and the carrier. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the guidelines of any program, prior to your enrollment. This program has been reviewed by the Health Fund, and we believe it offers substantial value to members who wish to enroll. Please evaluate the program carefully to ensure it provides coverage that is appropriate for your family. Remember, members are responsible for the entire cost of this voluntary coverage.

Voluntary Dental Program Contacts

Cigna Dental

Contact - John Blasch

917.439.9173 (cell)

Smile Solutions

Contact - Jeff Motto


Remember: When inquiring about this program, please indicate that you are a member of the Northeast Carpenters Health Fund.

The premium cost for dental is reimbursable under the HRA.

Provided funds are available.